May Wan on Slow Mornings and Night Rituals


When we were tasked to choose a face for our launch and our first collection, it was not a hard choice. Aside from her good looks and vibrant personality (that was infectious and easy to capture through the lens), May Wan is the kind of woman we dreamt of wearing Selenightco. 

What gets her up each morning are two boisterous (her words) and beautiful daughters - Leala & Siena. She raises them and manages her household without a helper and does it with such ease and a great sense of humour. She also balances her family time with her home-baking business (@seraphinacakes) and her passion project with a heart for the people and hospitality industry in Nepal (@saptacollective).

We caught up with her as she shares her sleep rituals and interesting self-care preferences. 


1. Describe your typical last 90 minutes of your day?

Loading the dishwasher, prepping lunchboxes, tidying the kitchen, pouring myself a glass of wine, a bit a of Netflix, finish off with some Tik Tok scrolling before I get my shut eye.

2. What is on your night stand?

My kids photo, a candle, and my protection crystals from Mistyrock.

3. Do you take it slow in the morning, or do you prefer to get things done quickly?

If it’s a weekday school morning, I am quick and efficient. When it’s a weekend or holiday, I laze around in bed till 10am and slowly enjoy the morning laze. 

4. Is self-care important to you? If so, why?

Absolutely! Self care makes me a better human, a better mum.

5. What is your favourite thing to do to rest / unwind?

Chill and Netflix.

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