Our Mission

Sleep well, rise stronger — this simple truth that is fundamental to health and wellbeing as nutrition and fitness.

At Selenightco, we are driven by one mission, to help create better days through better sleep. 

We seek to create products that will promote quality rest - from thoughtful, intentional designs to thermoregulating fabrics that keeps you cool in our hot weather.

While comfort is our top priority, sustainability comes a close second. We hope generations after us will sleep well too - making the conscious decision to choose fabrics and processes that pollutes less and is more respectful to the environment.

Our Story

From left - Juit Wen, Nora

‘Stirring from a night of interrupted sleep, I did not feel good when I stood in front of my bathroom mirror and found myself in my husband’s old t-shirt and my tattered shorts.

As a mother, my time for rest had clearly become an afterthought - although I knew that rest and starting my day right is important especially to my mental and emotional wellbeing. This realisation sent me on a journey to find products that will help me sleep better and rise stronger - setting my mood and strength for the day. With Juit Wen, I am excited to share Selenightco with you!’
- Nora, Co-Founder


‘Work-from-home wasn’t something I got used to very quickly. I was jumping into a Zoom call in 15 minutes one early morning and I still found myself in my PJs. After a shower, I searched my wardrobe for something sophisticated, crisp, yet as comfortable as my nightwear.

Then, I was full of ideas with designs that will ‘blur the lines’ and have you take a nap in the same set you will wear on a Zoom call. After all, it’s 6pm somewhere in the world - time to put on your PJs and make it Selenightco!’
- Juit Wen, Co-Founder