We believe that our collective desire to reduce our impact on the environment starts at home. We chose fabrics and processes that pollute less and are more respectful to the environment. 

All our products are made from natural and organic fibers - free of plastics or Polyester fibers. We prioritize using biodegradable products which may decompose instead of polluting our oceans.

With our use of Tencel Lyocell fibres for example, they are made from renewable Eucalyptus trees, farmed organically with natural rainwater. The fiber processing uses 99% recycled solvents, and is done so in a 100% non-toxic, closed-loop processing plant which ensures no chemicals get into the atmosphere. The whole process uses 20x less water used for ordinary Cotton production and emits 5x less carbon emissions than Polyester production.

Last but not least, we chose fabrics we dreamt of for sleep: thermoregulating fabric that keeps cool even in hot climates; fabrics that absorb moisture efficiently so that it provides a less favourable environment for bacteria to grow.