Sleep Expert Zoe Chu On A Good Night’s Sleep

You might know her from TV, read about her in the news or even follow her on TikTok or Instagram  @sgsupernanny. She has the amazing ability to transform zombies into sleeping beauties. For World Sleep Day, we are thrilled to interview Zoe Chu, also known as Sleep Supernanny.   She is a speaker, author, baby and adult sleep expert who is passionate about sleep and empowering women, especially mums, to be better versions of themselves. She does this by empowering tired families to get back their precious sleep using her simple, proven and effective holistic approach to fostering healthy sleep habits.  If her resume isn’t impressive enough, she is a wife and a mother of 4 (including a set of twins!) ...

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Solving Problems With Sleep

‘Sleep on it. Things will look better in the morning.’ It is an old wives tale and an advice many parents give to their children lovingly. There are countless anecdotes from famous scientists, artists and philosophers who problem-solved or had new bursts of ideas after sleep.  How accurate is this advice?

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May Wan on Slow Mornings and Night Rituals

When we were tasked to choose a face for our launch and our first collection, it was not a hard choice. Aside from her good looks and vibrant personality (that was infectious and easy to capture through the lens), May Wan is the kind of woman we dreamt of wearing Selenightco.

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