Solving Problems With Sleep

‘Sleep on it. Things will look better in the morning.’ It is an old wives tale and an advice many parents give to their children lovingly. There are countless anecdotes from famous scientists, artists and philosophers who problem-solved or had new bursts of ideas after sleep.  How accurate is this advice?

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May Wan on Slow Mornings and Night Rituals

When we were tasked to choose a face for our launch and our first collection, it was not a hard choice. Aside from her good looks and vibrant personality (that was infectious and easy to capture through the lens), May Wan is the kind of woman we dreamt of wearing Selenightco.

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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sleep

We spend almost a third of our lives doing it, yet it’s fascinating how much we don’t know about sleep.  We’ve pieced together some interesting facts and secrets about what happens when you snooze – they won’t make it as dinner date conversations but they might entertain and even surprise you. 

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