Unwinding with Dr Loh May Han

We see her at some of society's most glamorous parties and soirees. On her Instagram, we get a glimpse of her globe-trotting adventures: from picturesque Maldives to the charming streets of Florence. You’ll be surprised to learn that she would unhesitatingly choose a ‘great night in’ over a ‘night out’. But perhaps when you realize the multi-hyphenated demands of her role at work, you might begin to comprehend why she favours the former. 

She is a senior consultant anaesthesiologist at the National University Hospital. Besides full-time clincial duties in the operating theaters, she is also the Undergraduate Medical Education Director and an Assistant Professor at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine NUS, whose main role is in mentoring junior doctors and students. 

If that does not sound demanding enough, she also serves as an Associate Chairman Medical Board in Medical Affairs, Clinical Governance at Alexandra Hospital - where she is responsible for advocating and effecting patient safety, quality improvement and clinical risk management. 

Meet Dr Loh May-Han. She looks just as sophisticated in hospital scrubs as she is in evening wear (PJs included!). Here, she shares how she unwinds from her heavily engaged schedule to indulge in the beautiful garden-city of Singapore.

  1. How do you wind down?
I unplug and indulge in me-time.
Take bubble baths and rain showers.
Go for facials and spa massages.
Get much-needed beauty sleep.
Indulge in culinary delights while dining and catching up with family and friends.
Watch movies and drama series.
Travel and get away from daily life.


  1. Describe your typical first 90 minutes of the day 

My morning routine is rather dependent on the tempo of the day. As a task-oriented person, I start the work day with a mental to-do list and then set out a plan to tackle each one accordingly.

  1. You always look so polished. Do you plan your outfits ahead of time or do you pick them on the spot? 

I believe in respecting the host and to dress up appropriately according to the theme of the social event. As such, I would usually shortlist a few outfits in advance, and depending on my mood on the day, pick one and accessorise for the final touch.


  1. It is Singapore’s Birthday! Here are some questions about being Singaporean:
  • What is your favourite local ‘slang’ you use frequently

I probably use a smattering of ‘lah’, ‘leh’, ‘mah’ and ‘meh’ when I’m in the casual company of close family and friends. 

  • If you needed to stay in the country and needed a break - what would you do / where would you go? 

Going on a yacht and “away” to Lazarus Island for a picnic by the beach. 

I like animals and our zoo is renowned for its open concept, naturalistic rainforest environment. A visit to the zoo not only allows viewing of the exhibits, but also provides a good walking work out, and makes a small contribution towards rainforest and animals conservation.

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